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Capping Machines

If you’re researching the various capping machines available for packaging lines, these videos that show you how they all work may help you narrow down your selection. If you have any questions about which one might be best for your product, contact E-PAK Machinery today!


Different Types of Bottle Capping Machines

There are three main types of capping machines, plus a plugging system for securing bottles that would be better suited to have plugs rather than caps or lids. The first is a spindle capper, which works by sending bottles with loose caps on them through a line of spinning wheels that tighten the caps to the bottles. Chuck cappers are similar to this except instead of placing the lids then having the wheels tighten them, there are heads that spin the caps directly onto the containers. Snap cappers, as you could have guessed, work by snapping the caps into place. As for plugging systems, these are used with products like wine, which fare well with plug seals, like corks. Depending on the product you’re filling into the containers, one of these may be the clearer choice for your line.


Bottling Accessories and Other Packaging Line Equipment

Other machinery that can be used with these capping systems are things like cap sorters, cap elevators and cap sorting elevators. These all work to properly orient the caps before they are placed onto the container, so that you don’t have to waste valuable time placing them onto containers yourself. 

For questions you may have about these machines, contact E-PAK Machinery today.