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Cap Elevator Sorting & Auto Track Feed System

In any successful packaging line, there needs to be an efficient method for capping the containers once they’ve been filled with liquid. That’s why at E-PAK Machinery, we supply our clients with a range of options for not only the capping machines themselves, but also capping accessory machines, such as this cap elevator sorting machine for automatic capping systems. Cap elevators streamline the capping process, by helping ensure that the capping machines have an ample supply of caps and are ready to work when the filled bottles come down the pipeline.

Available Capping Machinery from E-PAK

E-PAK Machinery proudly stocks a number of different capping machines and capping accessory machines for the capping process, and with our equipment, your packaging line will run smoothly and efficiently. You can choose from capping machines such as the snap capper, chuck capper, spindle capper, and vertical wheel pluggers, then supplement them with accessory equipment such as:

  • Cap sorters
  • Cap pre-feeders
  • Cap elevators

Cap elevator sorting machines are designed to be compatible with a large range of caps, from 10mm to 110mm, and are quiet yet efficient. They improve the productivity of the packaging line, and can help to reduce labor costs within your facility.

Other In-Line Equipment Offered

Of course, you’ll need the rest of the packaging line before you need capping machines, and you’ll find just what you need here as well. E-PAK specializes in liquid filling machinery, and you’ll be able to choose from several different machines for the liquid itself (certain machines work better with different liquids). You’ll also be able to purchase machinery like bottle cleaners, conveyors, and labelers to complete your production line.

No matter what your packaging line needs to run its best, you’ll find it here at E-PAK. To learn more about the cap elevator sorting machine or any of our other equipment, contact us today.