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Pressure Fillers

E-PAK Machinery manufactures a wide variety of Gravity and Pressure/Gravity Fillers suitable for bottling virtually any water-thin to medium, consistent viscosity liquids. Gravity fillers are ideally suited for thin, foamy products, and pressure/gravity fillers can also handle thicker products. E-PAK customizes each model with the right combination of contact parts for filling your products, and the right number of fill heads to suit your production needs and budget.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile design
  • Capacity to fill 1/4 ounce up to 5 gallon containers
  • Robust construction
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction protect these machines for longer life.
  • HDPE, UHMW, and PVC also available for corrosive products
  • Microprocessor controls with program storage
  • Changeover is quick with the ability to store multiple programs in the PLC controller. Filling and container indexing settings are easily programmed and saved with our automatic setup mode, enabling changes to be made quickly and effortlessly
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Reduce downtime with simple changeover adjustment features
  • Customized per application
  • Construction materials, contact parts, number of fill heads and other
  • options are fitted to meet each specific application
  • Flexible
  • Modularity and simplicity are intrinsic to the design. Versatile machine
  • options and a wide range of programmability make this filler flexible


Effective Volumetric Bottle Equipment

With a versatile design and flexible capacity, these pressure fillers are easy to use and install. They’re versatile and flexible machines with simple changeover adjustment features aimed at reducing your downtime while providing maximum efficiency. 

We include diverse options and features to meet your specific needs and applications while a wide range of programmability makes these pressure fillers the most effective volumetric bottle equipment money can buy.


Table-Top Pressure Gravity Filler

A table-top pressure gravity filler is a cost-efficient, highly effective liquid filling machines with a user-friendly interface, designed to fit any low volume production application. 

These pressure fillers come in multiple different models to make sure your product packaging needs are met in full. With automatic set-up capabilities, you can meet any packaging application needs quickly and easily.

Find your perfect system today with E-PAK!



  • Table Top Gravity / Pressure Gravity Filler

    Table Top Gravity / Pressure Gravity Filler

    E-PAK Machinery’s Table Top Gravity Filler is a user-friendly, highly effective and inexpensive filling machine for low volume production. An operator simply positions the bottles under the fill heads and initiates the...

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  • Gravity Bottle Filling Machine & Pressure Filler

    Gravity Bottle Filling Machine & Pressure Filler

    Volumetric Pressure/Gravity FillerE-PAK Machinery manufactures a wide variety of time-based Gravity and Pressure/Gravity filling machines suitable for filling virtually any water-thin to semi-viscous liquid. Gravity filling...

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