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E-PAK Machinery is pleased to offer several attractive, third party, financing plans which make the acquisition of our equipment as easy and affordable as possible. Just as E-PAK’s full range of equipment is designed to meet your packaging needs, our financing programs will minimize your cost of acquisition and maximize your return on investment. Your lease can be structured in a variety of ways that will meet your cash flow requirements while still allowing you to take full advantage of leasing’s many benefits.

To help decide whether to buy or lease a particular piece of E-PAK equipment, try to determine the approximate net cost of that equipment. Make sure to factor in tax breaks and resale value when making this calculation. After determining which option is more cost-effective, consider other factors such as the possibility that your project will become obsolete (if you are considering purchasing) or that your need for the equipment will expire before the lease does (if you are considering leasing).

Leasing Benefits

A few of the reason over 80% of U.S. companies’ finance some, if not all, of their equipment purchases: 

  • Not reported on the owner’s credit as debt
  • Unsecured borrowing without the need for blanket liens
  • Little out of pocket money
  • Fixed payments enable you to budget your cash over the life of the lease
  • Same tax benefits as a cash purchase
  • Conserves capital, allowing you to keep cash on hand
  • Easier than bank loans and just as competitive
  • The value of your equipment comes from its use, not its ownership
  • Flexible & convenient

Applying For a Lease

Our partners customize their financing solutions to meet your company’s specific purchasing needs. Leases under $150,000 typically require no financials, and usually only require a down payment equal to a month or two. For every $25,000 you purchase, you can choose to pay as little as $500 per month and the equipment is yours at the end of 60 months. Decisions are typically made within 24 hours.

For specific information about our financing programs, please contact your E-PAK Machinery Sales Representative or visit our Partner link below.