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Liquid Packaging Equipment for Production Lines

If you’re putting together a liquid packaging production line, E-PAK has everything you need for maximum efficiency.

Get Top-Quality Liquid Packaging Line Equipment

Depending on the type of product you are packaging, the type of liquid filling machinery may vary, but there are several components to any liquid packaging line that are constants. Learn more about the packaging machinery necessary for building your facility’s packaging line.

Bottle Cleaners

Bottle cleaners are the first step in the packaging process. They vacuum out particles, dust and other debris from the containers you are using, ensuring a contaminant-free package. After the containers are cleaned out, they can be brought to the next station in the packaging process. To get there, you’ll need another piece of packaging line equipment.


Conveyor belts of varying size, shape and length are also an integral part of any system of packaging line equipment. They bring containers from one station to the next, and in the case of molten liquids, can also be outfitted to be cooling conveyors, helping the liquid cool down and come to a solid state at room temperature more quickly.

Liquid Filling Machines

The meat-and-potatoes of any liquid filling line, the liquid filling machines, come after the bottle cleaners. There are a variety of these, and which one you use in your facility is largely dependent on what type of product you are packaging. At E-PAK Machinery, we offer liquid filling machines such as:

  • Gravity fillers
  • Molten fillers and portable molten fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Piston fillers
  • Overflow fillers
  • Pressure fillers
  • Pump fillers

Capping Machines

After the product is filled into the containers, they will go to a capping machine. At E-PAK, we have several types of capping machines, including chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers and vertical wheel pluggers.


Finally, the containers will go through a labeling machine where a label will be affixed so that consumers and clients will know the contents of the package.

Learn more about the variety of packaging line equipment offered today—contact E-PAK Machinery.