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Water Bottle Filling Equipment

In the water bottling industry, there are many different things to consider when purchasing bottling machinery. At E-PAK Machinery, we know the ins and outs of the liquid packaging industry, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our clients a wide variety of different water bottling equipment. From start to finish, you’ll find everything you need for a water bottle packaging line here.


When you’re bottling water, you need to be able to ensure that the bottles are free of contaminants before being filled with water. To complete that, you’ll use bottle cleaners, which remove dust, debris and other particles from the bottles prior to being sent to liquid filling machines.

You’ll also need a liquid filling machine, a capping machine (and accessory machines such as cap sorters or cap elevators), conveyors to bring the containers to each machine station, and a bottle labeling machine. At E-PAK, we offer all of these things and you can trust that when you use E-PAK equipment, your water bottles will be filled efficiently and safely. Our machines are resistant to corrosion and are sanitary to use for water as well as other beverages and juices.


E-PAK Machinery is a proud provider of a variety of liquid filling machines. These machines are well-suited to fill for liquids of various viscosities. Since water has a very low viscosity, the machinery you choose for your water bottle filling line should cater to low-viscosity liquids.

E-PAK Machinery offers a wide range of machinery solutions capable of filling for low-viscosity liquids such as water. We recommend the following solutions:

Gravity, Pressure, & Vacuum Overflow Bottle Fillers

These types of fillers are all helpful when filling thin to medium viscosity liquids, hence a perfect fit for water bottles. Specifically, the E-PAK Machinery Vacuum Overflow Filler is used for low-viscosity liquids in small containers, making it a great option for a water bottle filling line.

Pump Fillers

Pump fillers are an option for low, medium, and high viscosity liquids. They’re suitable for a water bottle filling line and can adapt to various containers. E-PAK Machinery also will help you choose from our selection of pumps, depending on the application of the machinery.

Gravity Fillers

Gravity fillers are one of the best options for a water bottle filling line. These fillers are ideally suited for extremely low-viscosity products, such as water.

E-PAK Machinery will work with you to decide on a solution that is best suited for your water bottle filling line.


Our equipment is manufactured in sanitary conditions to ensure that when you use it, it can be easily cleaned and capable of handling your product. We are able to keep our areas clean enough to manufacture pharmaceutical filling machines and other quality controlled equipment. The equipment we offer all of our clients is ideal for filling an array of liquids from water thin to highly viscous products, so if water isn’t the only product you sell, you’ll be happy to know you’ll be able to find other liquid packaging machines in our inventory.

Learn more about our array of liquid filling machinery for water bottle plants as well as other industries today. For questions or concerns, feel free to contact E-PAK Machinery anytime. We even offer custom filling machines and cartridge filling systems  for all of your needs.

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