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What our customers have to say about working with EPak Machinery

  • Brad E
    Wanted let you know that Duane is a huge credit to E Pak. He was one busy guy!!! Got everything done in good order and the customer was able to run everything they wanted to run before he left. I’d work with him anywhere, anytime.
  • Map
    I wanted to personally thank you and applaud you on your phenomenal customer Service. Your team has gone over and beyond to help us with any questions, something I don’t see very much.
  • Arnel G
    I can’t thank you enough for all the hospitality you provided us. We enjoyed the trip as well as the whole FAT process. Also, what great about this trip is that we learn more about EPak capability on packaging equipment which can be suited for our future requirements. Great meeting with your team and enjoyed working with everyone.
  • Lou
    This project has taken a few “detours” and I appreciate you sticking there with me and with John and Curt… we are a mish-mash of dealing with a couple angles, so THANK YOU for your patience and stepping forward to support us through it all.
    You are one of those hard to find Managers that are both very intelligent and sincere and go the extra mile to support us, the customer.
    Thank you.
    Take Care
  • Mariea G.
    I'd like to express my sincere thanks for a successful visit last week. Andrew is awesome. There were times when I would have got a hammer a hold of this equipment and ripped it to shreds but he kept his cool and kept trying. He was very patient with me as well. I learned a lot about the functions of our plant. Just not enough words to say how helpful he was. Don't be surprised if I call him with questions from time to time. I know he was just doing his job but he went way beyond that. You couldn't have sent us a better person! When we change over to our new bottle design I am hoping he will be able to come back and help us make the transition. I am one happy customer and feel like I have made a new friend! Please pass this along to anyone that can give him the praise he deserves. Thanks to all the people in your plant that he called for advise as well. I know he is glad you were there for him. Thank you all so very much!!!
  • Scott M
    If you're looking to further automate your production line, give E-Pak a call right away! We're saying this as a customer of over 30 years; if they can keep our loyalty for that long, they will most definitely do the same for you.
  • Benson G
    Good afternoon. I am writing to follow up our E-PAK’s recent visits to our facility to repair our bottle filler. After I installed the new power shaft, the operators performed several test runs and found the filler to be operating correctly again with improved performance. We appreciate the quality work and attention to urgency that you, Don, Erik, and Sara provided for us.
  • Dustin M
    Hope you are doing well. I wanted to take a moment and write you an email regarding the exceptional job Andrew did when he was at my facility. He set up the line very quickly and was able to troubleshoot the issues that came up. His training skills are great as well and and answered any questions we had at the time. Moving forward if I do require assistance and need a technician to come to my facility it would be great if you can send Andrew.
    Again, Andrew did an amazing job tell him thank you again for all his help.
  • John R
    I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance. I really was lost – Last two production days less than 1% cross threads and zero spills!!
  • Jonathan L
    Those springs made a world of difference – have never seen Bill so happy :) very much appreciate the help.

  • Jacob V
    I want to thank you guys for your patience in working with me on this line basically since last October/November and recently. We have made significant strides in the operation of this line and we are continually seeking ways to improve our lines working efficiencies and capabilities so your insight is greatly appreciated. Since this all started, you've helped us automate our filling cycle (ran in manual for 4 years), work to quote (hopefully purchase as well) new fill nozzles needed for smaller bottle openings, identify gasket issues with our products and provided other alternatives, verified procedures we've created in house while on visits, various troubleshooting phone calls, resolve fill weight inconsistencies (mechanical setup issue identified), capper issues, etc.