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Spindle Cappers

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E-PAK Spindle cappers provide a highly versatile solution for applying and tightening threaded caps. The E-PAK Spindle Capper is the core of an automated system when integrated with our Vibratory or Centrifugal Sorting Bowl, or with the Elevator-style Cap Orientor. Many of our customers use them as a tightener for hand-placed caps and trigger-style caps; and then upgrade them to fully automatic systems by adding components later. Our modular design allows you to add automation components as your production needs change and your budget allows.

Product Videos

3 Spindle Capping Station | E-PAK Machinery (00:31)
When you’re choosing a capping machine for your bottling line, consider using E-PAK Machinery’s 3-station spindle capper. http://www.epakmachinery.com/spindle-cappers/ Spindle cappers are just one of the options offered by E-PAK Machinery for sealing your containers once they have been filled. These machines work by passing containers through moving parts that tighten caps onto the bottles, securing them for safe shipping with no leaking or spillage. Spindle cappers are just one of the types of capping machines that E-PAK offers. Depending on your needs, this machine may be ideal for your packaging line. For more information about spindle cappers, visit http://www.epakmachinery.com/.
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  • 4 Station Spindle Capper Demo

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