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Cap Feeding Systems

Capping Equipment 

Our automatic capping equipment is designed to increase efficiency and reliability. We offer many different types of capping machines and bottle cappers. 

  • Cap Sorting Elevator

    Cap Sorting Elevator

    The cleated belt assembly qualifies good caps as they are metered up the belt or sends them back to the hopper to be re-qualified. The machine is automatically activated when the supply of caps in the chute is low and shuts...

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  • Cap Sorters

    Cap Sorters

    Vibratory Sorters are the most versatile and will orient a wide range of caps. Typically they can be changed over by making small adjustments to the bowl without relying on changing parts. They are available in many sizes...

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  • Cap Pre-Feeders

    Cap Pre-Feeders

    The E-PAK Bowl Mounted Pre-Feeder increases the efficiency of automatic capping without taking any extra floor space on the packaging line. The operator empties cases of caps into the pre-feeder. It is automatically...

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  • Cap Elevator

    Cap Elevator

    The E-PAK Cap Elevator is used to increase the efficiency of both automatic capping and container unscrambling. When used to assist automatic capping, the operator empties cases of caps into the elevator hopper. The machine...

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