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Cap Sorters

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Vibratory Sorters are the most versatile and will orient a wide range of caps. Typically they can be changed over by making small adjustments to the bowl without relying on changing parts. They are available in many sizes. Larger caps and higher speeds may require larger bowls.

Centrifugal Sorters are also versatile and are usually tooled for higher speeds that only require a few different caps. The caps are spun to the outer part of the bowl where they are gently oriented. These sorters are available in many sizes and offer a very quiet solution for sorting caps.

Pocket Sorters are commonly used for high-speed cap sorting applications and work well with a variety of flat caps. Although they do require special tooling for each different cap size, the change parts can be replaced easily and quickly. This style of cap sorter mounts on top of the capper frame which offers a short footprint on the pack line.

Elevator Sorters are extremely simple to use. The operator simply empties cases of caps into the hopper. The caps are then elevated and sorted using a cleated belt. The actual weight of the caps determines which way they will be oriented.

Product Videos

Vibratory Sorting Bowl From E PAK Machinery, Inc 1 (02:12)
Vibratory sorting bowls from E-PAK Machinery are just one of the pieces of equipment we offer to ensure optimal efficiency for your packaging line. http://www.epakmachinery.com/ From cap sorters to rotary turntables and everything in between, E-PAK Machinery offers a variety of machines that ensure your packaging line runs as efficiently as possible. Vibratory sorting bowls are used to sort caps for containers so that the caps can be placed onto containers as the containers come by on a conveyor. Ensuring the caps are oriented correctly saves time and allows your packaging process to run smoothly. Learn more about vibratory sorting bowls and other packaging machinery today. http://www.epakmachinery.com/
  • Vibratory Sorting Bowl From E PAK Machinery, Inc 1
    Vibratory sorting bowls from E-PAK Machinery are just one of t...
  • Vibratory Sorting Bowl From E PAK Machinery, Inc 2
    When you need your capping process to be as efficient as possi...

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