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Bottle Capping Equipment for Packaging Lines

In any successful packaging line, you’ll find a variety of the same type of machines. These machines are the core components to ensuring products get filled into bottles and sealed securely, then labeled properly before being sent off to your customers or clients. One such machine that you’ll need is a capping machine. There are several kinds of capping machines available from E-PAK Machinery, and depending on what your product is, one may be better than the others. Find out more about E-PAK’s capping machinery for bottling lines.

Spindle Cappers

Spindle cappers are an ideal method for applying and tightening threaded caps. These machines work by spinning the bottle itself and lowering the cap onto it as it spins. As the bottle spins, the cap tightens and provides a secure seal. This machine is ideal for thicker liquids, as the bottle itself will spin, so liquids that are thin will splash or spill while thicker ones will not.

Snap Cappers

Snap cappers snap the caps onto the bottles. Containers are positioned underneath the part of the snap capper that holds the container’s lid, and the lids are then securely pressed onto each bottle.

Chuck Cappers

Chuck cappers are similar to spindle cappers in that they work for threaded caps, however with chuck cappers, the bottle remains stationary while the cap itself spins. If the product you use is a thin liquid, spinning the bottle isn’t the best option as it can result in spills and splashes, so chuck cappers are better for thin, low viscosity liquids.

Automatic Wheel Pluggers

Automatic wheel pluggers provide a seal to containers, however a bit differently. Instead of caps placed on top of the container, they are pressed into the containers opening—think of products like wine and other corked products. Depending on what sort of product you are packaging, wheel pluggers may be a good option for your facility.


Finally, you’ll need accessory machinery such as cap sorters, cap elevators and cap feeders to work in conjunction with your capping machines. These accessory machines sort out and properly orient the caps so that they are prepared to go onto the container as soon as the container is placed in the capping position.

Learn more about capping machinery and accessories today—contact E-PAK Machinery for more information.


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