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Plugging Systems for Bottle Capping Machines

Improvements made on the packaging line translate into more units produced within the same time interval and therefore a more efficient operation. E-PAK Machinery delivers high-quality plugging systems for bottle capping machines to help you bring your packaging line efficiency to another level. 

Bottle capping machines by E-PAK ensure the consistent and accurate placement of plug fitments into a variety of containers.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable small system to cap different containers
  • Easy integration into a bottle capping machine
  • Several different styles of sorting devices
  • Magnetic or vacuum assist heads
  • Vertical wheel placer in sync with screw indexer
  • Servo drive motors for precise control
  • Crank height adjustment
  • Support for plug fitments of various diameters
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction ensuring decades of dependable service in a range of environments
  • Quick setup and operation via Allen-Bradley PLC controls

Quality & Versatility

Plugging systems for bottle capping machines by E-PAK are high-quality solutions designed to improve your packaging efforts. Thanks to the durable materials and high precision, these plugging systems are able to deliver an accurate and consistent placement of plugs into a range of containers. 

The ability to integrate these systems into another machine and to choose from a range of styles of sorting devices extends their use case in the packaging industry significantly.

Find your ideal solution with E-PAK today!


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