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Tube Filling Machines & Packing Equipment Systems


When choosing liquid filling machines for your packaging line, you have a variety of types to choose from, but perhaps one constant to consider is that all of them are tube filling machines. What that means is they work by feeding product through a tube and into your packaging container. Each machine, however, may be suited to best fill certain types of liquids—for instance, some machines are better for thin or foamy liquids while others handle thick liquids more efficiently. Which machine you choose for your packaging line is generally dependent on the type of product or products you are packing. If you’re unsure of what will work best, the associates at E-PAK Machinery will gladly help you learn more about each machine’s strengths.

Types of Tube Filling Machines for Liquids

At E-PAK, we offer eight basic categories of liquid filling machines: gravity, molten, net weigh, overflow, piston, portable molten, pressure and pump. If the liquids you are packaging into containers need to remain melted/molten while filling, because the room temperature product is solid—think candles or car wax, shoe polish or hair product—you’ll obviously want molten filling machines or a portable molten filling machine. Portable molten fillers are ideal for smaller batches of product where changeover will happen more frequently, or in smaller workplaces where floor space is at a premium.

Use Tube Fillers to Fill a Wide Variety of Liquids

If your product is thin or foamy, gravity fillers are a good choice. If the product is thick, pressure/gravity fillers work well. 

For products that are very valuable, net weigh fillers are ideal. Net weigh fillers ensure that each container holds exactly the same amount of product, stopping filling when a specific weight has been reached. These machines ensure that no product is spilled or overflows, and that each container has the exact amount indicated for a certain price/size level.

Your facility can greatly benefit from the addition of tube filling equipment and other packaging systems that we carry at E-PAK Machinery.

Other Machines Needed for a Successful Packaging System

After you’ve chosen the proper liquid filling machine, be sure that your packaging system has the necessary components to complete the process. You’ll need bottle cleaners to ensure that each container is clean before being filled, conveyors to assist the containers in their journey from one station to the next, capping machines to seal them, and labeling machines to let buyers know the contents.

Find out more about any of the machines we offer today—give us a call!

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