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Molten Container Handling

  • Cooling Conveyors

    Cooling Conveyors

    E-PAK’s Molten Cooling Conveyors are specially designed to enhance the quality of products filled at elevated temperatures. They promote cooling by transporting containers slowly and smoothly during the filling and...

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  • Transfer Stations

    Transfer Stations

    E-PAK Transfer Stations are used to load and unload our Cooling Conveyors quickly, smoothly and efficiently while ensuring that containers are properly spaced and in perfect rows. Semi-Automatic Push Stations are typically...

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  • Pre-Heat & Re-Melt Stations

    Pre-Heat & Re-Melt Stations

    E-PAK Machinery manufactures Pre-Heat and Re-Melt Stations, to be used in conjunction with E-PAK’s Molten Product Cooling Conveyors, to help give your finished product a smooth, impressive and professional appearance...

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