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Transfer Stations

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E-PAK Transfer Stations are used to load and unload our Cooling Conveyors quickly, smoothly and efficiently while ensuring that containers are properly spaced and in perfect rows. Semi-Automatic Push Stations are typically used to load containers onto the production line. The operator lines up containers in each pocket of the station, waits until appropriate row spacing is available and manually pushes the template to smoothly load the line. Automatic Push Stations use sensors to assure efficient operation. Containers are automatically conveyed into the push station, aligned into rows and then pushed onto the conveyor when perfect spacing is achieved. Automatic Pull Stations are mounted at the end of a conveyor section and are used to remove lines of containers from the conveyor. From the Pull Station, containers are frequently conveyed to other machines on the packaging line, or when used in conjunction with an automatic Push Station, they are used to transfer containers between multiple cooling conveyor sections.

Product Videos

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