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Cap Completion Systems

The trick with delivering a good cap completion system is to ensure constant torque on caps while maximizing the speed of the packaging. E-PAK delivers exactly that via our cap completion systems. Thanks to the years-long experience in the industry, E-PAK engineers were able to construct different types of capping machines and equipment - all industry-grade and reliable. 

Features & Benefits

  • Made of high-quality, sturdy materials for a longer lifespan
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Support for a wide range of containers
  • Flexibility achieved via programming
  • Simple design
  • No need for tools to make adjustments
  • Consistent quality in applying and tightening threaded caps
  • Semi-automatic and automatic systems
  • Support for press-on and snap-on caps
  • Quick setup
  • Industrial-grade pneumatic or electric drives

Quality & Versatility

Precision, programmability, and consistency are the trademarks of cap completion systems delivered by E-PAK. These systems are a great solution for your packaging line. 

With automation, an easy to use control panel, and high precision, you will enjoy a highly efficient packaging line and minimize the risk of expensive downtimes. Our cap completion systems support different caps, ranging from screw caps and threaded caps to press-on and snap-on caps.

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Automatic Capper and Vibratory Sorting Bowl for Brush Applicator Caps
  • E-PAK Hand-held Chuck Capper

    Hand-Held Chuck Capper

    E-PAK offers Hand-Held Chuck Cappers which provide a simple, cost effective solution for applying or removing screw caps to plastic, metal and glass containers. These convenient cappers feature industrial-grade pneumatic or...

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  • Chuck Cappers

    Chuck Cappers

    The E-PAK Chuck Capping unit is designed to maximize the speed of your packaging line while maintaining a constant torque on your caps. A central control panel regulates the operation of this unit enabling quick set-up and...

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  • Snap Cappers

    Snap Cappers

    E-PAK’s Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Snap Capper Completion Units are very robust and versatile machines that are able to sort and place a wide range of snap-on/ press-on caps. The appropriate gripping belts guide...

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  • Spindle Cappers

    Spindle Cappers

    E-PAK Spindle cappers provide a highly versatile solution for applying and tightening threaded caps. The E-PAK Spindle Capper is the core of an automated system when integrated with our Vibratory or Centrifugal Sorting Bowl,...

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