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Chuck Cappers

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The E-PAK Chuck Capping unit is designed to maximize the speed of your packaging line while maintaining a constant torque on your caps. A central control panel regulates the operation of this unit enabling quick set-up and operation of your machine.
The chuck picks up the cap from the chute and places it on the container and tightens. The application can be fully automated with the addition of a Cap Sorter and a Cap Chute. The Cap Sorter unscrambles bulk caps, orients the caps, and supplies the Cap Chute for a fully automatic application.
The unit is available with an optional power height adjustment to accommodate different heights of containers. The sorter and capper can support caps with diameters between 10mm and 115mm. The cap feed chute has a wide range of adjustment to meet your specific cap and container combination.

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Product Videos

Olive Oil Filler & 1 Head Inline Chuck Capper | Liquid Fill (02:18)
E-PAK's olive oil filler with chuck capper is perfect for filling and securely sealing oil containers. http://www.epakmachinery.com/chuck-cappers/ When you need a liquid filling machine for your product, you have several choices. For securing containers, consider using a chuck capper. This machine is designed to pick up caps, place them on the container, and tighten the caps. When it comes to filling and securing containers, the combination of a liquid filling machine and chuck capper is a highly efficient solution for your packaging line. You can also add cap sorter and a cap chute to this set-up, enabling the process to be even more efficient. Find out more about E-PAK Machinery's entire line of packaging machinery at http://www.epakmachinery.com/.
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