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Foods & Sauces

E-PAK Machinery manufactures a complete range of sanitary filling systems to meet the needs of those working with foods and sauces. Our filling machines are available in all sanitary designs featuring quick disconnect valves, tri-clamp fittings, and sanitary tubing. Sanitary pumps are also available for applications using viscous products. The reservoirs on our sanitary equipment feature flanged quick disconnect fittings so that the bottling machinery can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. Clean-in-place systems can also be included to assist the operator in cleaning the inline filler. All E-PAK filling machines are designed for easy setup, simple changeover, minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning, and maximum versatility.

We understand the importance of focusing on sanitation, and durability when working with foods and sauces. Let our experienced sales and engineering teams work with you to develop a solution that will fit your liquid food and sauce bottling machinery needs.

Sanitary Food and Sauce Packaging Machine Features & Benefits

Robust construction

  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction protect these machines for longer life.

Easy Cleaning

  • E-PAK’s food and sauce packaging machine uses quick break down construction throughout including flanged fittings, tri-clamp connections, and quick break apart valves and pumps to maximize cleaning efficiency Clean-in-place systems are also available.


  • Versatility and simplicity are key components of each inline filler design so that many products and containers can be run on one system with few or no change parts.

Easy to Use

  • E-PAK’s inline sauce packaging machine is easy to use and setup. Fill times can be stored as “recipes” for quick setup to minimize downtime and maximize the productivity of the packaging line.

Sanitary Filling Systems Applications

  • Beverages
  • Water-thin and foaming liquid foods and sauces
  • Medium and high constant viscosity liquid foods and sauces
  • Liquid food products with particulate

Sanitary Filling Systems

  • Volumetric and start/stop filling machines are extremely accurate and versatile. 
  • Overflow filling machines provide a clean, consistent method for filling containers to the same cosmetic fill level.
  • Systems range from manual tabletop to fully automatic filling systems
  • Your bottling machinery is custom built for your specific application and budget.

Sanitary Filling Equipment Videos


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