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Bottle Fillers for Filling and Packaging Liquids

At E-PAK Machinery, you’ll find everything you need to build a successful and efficient packaging line for liquids. We offer the machinery you need to get your product into bottles and shipped off onto shelves to your customers. From bottle cleaners to capping machines, labelers to liquid fillers, you’ll find everything you need to create a comprehensive packaging line for liquids, no matter what product you’re bottling.


Types of Bottle Fillers Available

Depending on the type of liquid you are packaging in your facility, you have a range of different machines to choose from for getting the product into bottles.  Different bottle fillers are better for different viscosities, so you’ll need to consider the actual product you are working with when choosing a filler for your line. Thin or foamy products work best with gravity fillers, while pressure fillers are better for thick, viscous products. If your product is expensive or very valuable, you may want to consider a net weigh filler, to ensure no overflow or inconsistent fill levels as well as no spills. There are also molten liquid fillers for products that are solid at room temperature and therefore need to be melted to be filled into containers, such as candles, shoe polish and lip balms.


Other Machinery Necessary for Bottle Filling Lines

To start your efficient line, you’ll need a handful of machines to get your product into bottles and securely prepared for shipment. First, you need a bottle cleaner to ensure that the containers are free of contaminants before putting the liquid into them. Bottle cleaners vacuum out dust particles and other debris, and then the bottle can be transported to the next station in the line, where the liquid filling machines are. After being filled, the bottles then go to a capping machine, then a labeling machine. Transporting the bottles requires conveyor belts, and if the product is a molten product, cooling conveyors can be beneficial.


To find out more about what you need to create an efficient packaging line, contact E-PAK Machinery today.

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