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Bottle Labeling Machines

In combination with other types of liquid packaging equipment, bottle labeling machines are needed to help complete the packaging process. E-PAK Machinery's top-of-the-line bottle labeling equipment can help make sure your facility is at top performance. Regardless of the application and printing specifications, you can benefit from customized bottle label machines and other equipment from E-PAK Machinery.


Using a bottle labeling machine from E-PAK Machinery can give your facility what it needs to successfully complete the liquid packaging process, with the ability to apply customized logos and other text and images to bottles prior to shipping.

Our labeling machinery can apply clear, paper, or Mylar labels to bottles of many shapes and sizes, meeting all industry standards for packaging. At the same time, each bottle labeler is customizable to meet your needs, and you can even seamlessly integrate this equipment with the rest of your production line or use them as standalone equipment.

Our bottle labeling equipment is built to last for many years following installation, which will help ensure you get the most from each product you purchase from our extensive selection of bottle labeling machines and much more.


You can use our bottle labelers in many types of production facilities, applying labels to products that require everything from small, thin bottles, to large, wider containers. We also carry bottle label machine models intended for use in hazardous environments.

We use only the best materials during fabrication, making these bottle labeling machines ideal for facilities requiring long-lasting equipment through heavy use. You can use our machinery for nearly any type of product, and combine them with our selection of liquid fillers, cappers, and conveyors for a complete liquid packaging system.

Pressure-Sensitive Labelers

The three types of Pressure-Sensitive Labelers are:

1.    Automatic Pressure-Sensitive Labelers

An Automatic Pressure-Sensitive Labeler is a countertop machine with rectangular labels on the top side of the machine. You’ll only need one person to operate with it. It’s lightweight, compact, affordable, and perfect for round containers.

The machine is also durable since it’s made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The microprocessor inside the machine is easy to control and set up. This labeler is perfect for runs of small production and R&D projects.

2.    Economic-Entry Level Labelers

The Economic-Entry Level Labeler is ideal for glass, metal, and fiber containers. The machine comes with a conveyor at a variable speed that syncs with the tamping and dispensing mechanisms. The labeling speed and label placement are controlled digitally on a touch screen.

It’s easy to change label sizes and the bottle because of its simple design. It also comes with more single head labelers for the bottom and top labeling. The machine will automatically switch to the next head when the first head gets worn out, not missing a single container.

This automatic labeling system can apply labels to both sides of the container simultaneously. The dual head version also comes with a conveyor at a variable speed synchronized with the tamping and dispensing mechanisms.

3.    Rotary Pressure-Sensitive Labelers

Rotary Pressure-Sensitive Labelers are solely for production output which is high in volumes. You can use these labelers to apply wipe-on, wrap-around, and front and back labels to any container at high speed. The operator setup is simple and offers precise placement of the label.

There’s also a redundant system for labeling each rotary machine for a non-stop operation, which allows loading a new label to roll on the primary label as the machine continuously labels.


Browse our selection of labeling machines for bottles below and find the right piece of equipment for your facility. If you would like more information about our bottle labeling machines, or our filling machine systems along with a free quote, simply contact us today. You can also find out about other equipment we carry in addition to labeling machines for bottles to complete your production lines.

To help you get the most from your bottle label machine purchase, we also offer services such as installation, repairs, and line optimization that can allow for seamless integration with the rest of your equipment.

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