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Bottle Capping Machines & Equipment

In any liquid packaging line, having reliable cap machines is essential. These machines ensure that after the bottles go through the container filler station, they are fully sealed and prepared for their next step in the chain of manufacturing, whether that means selling to a distributor, selling directly to a customer, or otherwise. Using bottle capping equipment from E-PAK Machinery will help complete your packaging line and will help ensure that the products you sell are packaged in a high quality manner.

Reliable, Quality Capping Equipment

Efficient bottle capping machines are important in liquid packaging systems. Depending on the type of caps a product requires, different types of capping machines will be involved in the capping process, including accessory capping machinery. E-PAK Machinery carries several kinds of bottling equipment in packaging lines.

E-PAK Machinery Bottle Capping Equipment:

At E-PAK Machinery, you can choose from a selection of machines that are ideal for capping bottles of all types:

Automatic vertical wheel pluggers

These pluggers are designed for efficiency and speed. They are intended for big packaging lines as the machine is synchronized to work with the speed of containers that go through the lines. When bottles go through the machine, the plugs are attached automatically.

All the fittings are attached to a wheel that is constantly spinning. As the wheel spins, the line brings forward bottles into which the wheel presses the caps. Both the wheel and the line move at the same speed to guarantee precision and consistency, even for the tiniest possible containers.

Automatic vertical wheel pluggers are fully automated and don’t require any manual work. They place fittings like stoppers or plugs onto the container socket. With vertical pluggers, plugs are applied to the container at a vertical angle.

These can’t be used for applications where straight-line capping machines and snap capping systems are used. In other words, they can’t be used for capping at an angle. In most situations, these machines are used for containers that are small and have tiny plugs.

The height of the wheel placer can be adjusted for different container heights. The E-PAK Machinery automatic vertical wheel plugger also has a screw indexing system for adjusting timing.

Chuck cappers

Chuck cappers are tools attached to cappers to allow the machine to grip caps. With this grip, chuck cappers can tighten caps that were previously placed onto the container (bottle). That is very important for the whole capping process, and it’s essential to choose the right capper type and size.

Chuck cappers are one of the most popular types of machines used for tightening, along with spindle cappers. The basic principle is the same for all chuck cappers – the machine descends over a bottle cap, grips it, and applies torque to tighten it up.

However, there are various types of machines that can be designed differently. Some are simple handheld devices, while others can be a part of a fully automated capping system. They can work for both small and large production lines. There are three types of chuck cappers:

  1. Manual or handheld

As the name implies, these cappers need an operator to put the capping device on top of the cap when the closure is at the right place over the bottle. Putting pressure on the capper will tighten the cap.

  1. Semi-automatic

These cappers also need to be operated manually and can have a portable frame or a tabletop. In most cases, they require the cap and the bottle to be placed manually, and they activate on a switch.

  1. Automatic

These cappers are part of automated packaging lines. They can have one or several heads and use starwheel indexing and cap delivery systems to finish the sealing process quickly. The operator’s job is to change bulk caps and monitor the line – everything else is automated. 

Snap cappers

Snap cappers apply caps onto containers or bottles by snapping, pressing, or pushing. Snap cappers can be used for all kinds of bottles regardless of their size and shape. The operation is very silent and efficient, saving a lot of time and effort necessary to do it manually.

Some of the industries that can benefit the most from these machines include:

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical

Snap cappers can press metal or plastic caps onto containers, plastic, metal, and glass bottles, including PP, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, and PET. They can be used with lids on tin cans, pull-ups on tin cans, over caps, sifters, and milk caps.

E-PAK Machinery also offers snap cappers that can press fittings and plugs into the necks of bottles like orifice reducers, roll-on containers, dropper inserts, and so on. We offer both semi-automatic and automatic machines. 

They can use press belts or press-on heads that apply pressure to snap on the caps as the containers go through the production or packaging line. Automated snap cappers have a delivery system that can be a chute or an elevator that delivers closures onto containers before the sealing process starts. 

Spindle cappers

Spindle cappers can be semi-automatic and automatic. They are also called retorquers and use rubber discs called “spindles” to spin caps down and seal bottles. Fully automatic spindle cappers have a cap delivery system, while semi-automatic versions require operators to place the caps by hand before they are tightened.

Spindle cappers work with many different bottle sizes and types, including both plastic and glass bottles. These machines are also versatile when it comes to caps and can work with pumps, trigger sprayers, oval versions, sports, flat caps, and so on.

Automatic spindle capping machines make the closing and sealing process quick and easy. Caps and bottles go through different matched disks, with every disk bringing in more torque until the cap is tight. Fully automated systems can reliably and consistently tighten caps for whole production lines.

They can do this due to their consistent cap supply. Some of the most typical delivery systems include vibratory bowls and cap elevators. Spindle cappers are an essential part of all bottling lines, especially if the goal is to achieve complete automation and consistent operations.

They can be used by all companies that need to add products into jars, containers, or bottles to ensure that they are tightly closed.

Accessory Machines for Inline Bottle Capping Equipment

We also sell accessory capping machinery that streamlines this step in the process, including:

  • Cap elevators
  • Cap pre-feeders
  • Cap sorters

Each machine in our inventory is in working condition and ready for integration in your facility. Contact us today for more information on the bottle capping equipment, bottle wash machines, inline fillers, or any other packaging machinery we offer.

Capping Bottles Efficiently with Reliable Capper Machines

There are many different types of products that can utilize E-PAK bottle capping equipment. Apply caps to different sizes and shapes of bottles containing:

  • Acids and corrosives
  • Liquid foods and sauces
  • Beverages
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Lip balms
  • Health and beauty products
  • Pharmaceuticals Filling Machines
  • Automotive fluids  
  • E-PAK Hand-held Chuck Capper

    Hand-Held Chuck Capper

    E-PAK offers Hand-Held Chuck Cappers which provide a simple, cost effective solution for applying or removing screw caps to plastic, metal and glass containers. These convenient cappers feature industrial-grade pneumatic or...

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  • Automatic Vertical Wheel Pluggers

    Automatic Vertical Wheel Pluggers

    E-PAK Machinery's Automatic Vertical Wheel Pluggers are designed to improve the efficiencies of your packaging line while maintaining consistent and accurate placement of plug fitments into your containers. Several styles of...

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  • Cap Sorting Elevator

    Cap Sorting Elevator

    The cleated belt assembly qualifies good caps as they are metered up the belt or sends them back to the hopper to be re-qualified. The machine is automatically activated when the supply of caps in the chute is low and shuts...

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  • Cap Sorters

    Cap Sorters

    Vibratory Sorters are the most versatile and will orient a wide range of caps. Typically they can be changed over by making small adjustments to the bowl without relying on changing parts. They are available in many sizes...

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  • Cap Pre-Feeders

    Cap Pre-Feeders

    The E-PAK Bowl Mounted Pre-Feeder increases the efficiency of automatic capping without taking any extra floor space on the packaging line. The operator empties cases of caps into the pre-feeder. It is automatically...

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  • Chuck Cappers

    Chuck Cappers

    The E-PAK Chuck Capping unit is designed to maximize the speed of your packaging line while maintaining a constant torque on your caps. A central control panel regulates the operation of this unit enabling quick set-up and...

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  • Snap Cappers

    Snap Cappers

    E-PAK’s Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Snap Capper Completion Units are very robust and versatile machines that are able to sort and place a wide range of snap-on/ press-on caps. The appropriate gripping belts guide...

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  • Spindle Cappers

    Spindle Cappers

    E-PAK Spindle cappers provide a highly versatile solution for applying and tightening threaded caps. The E-PAK Spindle Capper is the core of an automated system when integrated with our Vibratory or Centrifugal Sorting Bowl,...

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  • Cap Elevator

    Cap Elevator

    The E-PAK Cap Elevator is used to increase the efficiency of both automatic capping and container unscrambling. When used to assist automatic capping, the operator empties cases of caps into the elevator hopper. The machine...

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