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Inline Capping

Inline Capping Machine for Bottling Facilities

For completing any packaging line, capping containers and sealing them securely is a necessary step. For that reason, you’ll need inline capping machines to finish the job. At E-PAK Machinery, we offer our clients a variety of different capping machines, each with different purposes. When you’re building a production line, it’s important to have all the necessary components in place to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently, so choosing a well-functioning capper is essential.

Capping Accessory Equipment Available from E-PAK

We offer several different types of capping machines at E-PAK Machinery, to fulfill different applications’ needs. But before the caps even get fed into the capping machinery, you’ll need to figure out a way for them to get to the capping machine. Some of the machinery we offer at E-PAK does this job. We supply clients with cap elevators, which increase the efficiency of capping machines by unscrambling caps and orienting them correctly before feeding to a capping machine. We also offer cap sorters and cap sorting elevators, which are quiet and efficient pieces of equipment that also help orient the caps prior to being fed to capping machines.

Types of Inline Capping Machines

E-PAK Machinery offers three main capping machines, plus a vertical wheel plugger. The wheel plugger is designed to deliver consistent, accurate results, placing plugs on each container and securely them tightly. This continuous-motion machine is synchronized with a timing screw indexer that ensures each plug lines up with each container’s opening.

As for traditional capping machines, you’ll have a choice between chuck cappers, snap cappers and spindle cappers. Chuck cappers are designed to maximize the speed of your packaging line by maintaining a constant torque on caps—this enables the caps to be placed and tightened onto a container in one smooth motion. Snap cappers work by snapping a cap onto a container or bottle, and spindle cappers are similar to chuck cappers, however instead of having the caps themselves spin, the containers spin and the caps are held stationary while the spinning container is what secures them.

Not sure which is best for your application? Contact E-PAK today for more information or for help deciding which inline capping machine is for you.