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Container Fillers for Packaging Lines

With different containers used for nearly every product on the market, it’s not surprising the there are a good amount of different machines used to fill each product into containers. At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to be a trusted supplier of many of these machines. We keep an inventory chock full of liquid filling machines, conveyors, capping machines, bottle cleaners and more. Whether you’re adding on to an existing packaging line, or building a new one, we have everything you need to get things up and running efficiently.



Depending on what sort of product you are filling into containers, one liquid filling machine may be better suited for the job than another. For example, gravity fillers are best suited for thin or foamy products, while pressure/gravity fillers are better for thicker products.

If you are filling liquids into containers that then turn solid at room temperature—products like candles, shoe polish, or some hair products, for example, you’ll need molten liquid filling equipment. At E-PAK, we have two options for molten products: molten fillers and portable molten product systems. Portable container filler systems are convenient for smaller batches of products or a line of products that aren’t necessarily a permanent fixture in your product line, as you can move the machinery around your facility based on the need to use it.

Net weigh fillers ensure that each container is filled with exactly the same amount of product without any loss or overflow. This is best for products that have a high value and need to be properly measured in order to prevent profit loss.

Other container fillers available at E-PAK include pump fillers, piston fillers and overflow fillers. If you aren’t sure what machine is best for the product you are packaging, contact us—we’ll be happy to help you determine which will be most efficient for your product line.



Aside from liquid filling machines, you’ll need to use bottle cleaners to ensure the containers are decontaminated before being filled. Conveyors will also need to be implemented to carry the containers from one machine to the next, so that the packaging process can be completed in a timely manner. Once the containers are filled, they’ll need to be sealed—this is where capping machines come in—and then labeled, with labeling machines.

For more information about any of the container filler equipment or other machinery offered by E-PAK, contact us today.

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