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Bottling System for Liquid Packaging Lines

When you’re putting together a bottling system in your workspace in order to get a liquid packaging line off the ground, there are several types of machines that you’ll need to implement for an efficient system. You’ll need liquid filling machines, conveyors, bottle cleaners, labeling machines and capping machines. At E-PAK Machinery, we are happy to be able to offer all of these to our customers. Whether you’re in the food industry, packaging cleaning products, or any other liquid, you’ll find everything you need in our inventory of packaging equipment.


Types of Liquid Filling Machines

We offer a variety of liquid filling machines, and some are better than others for certain types of liquids. For instance, a gravity filler is ideal for very thin or foamy products, while a pressure filler is better suited for thick, highly viscous liquids. If the product you are packaging is very valuable, consider a net weigh filler, which ensures that each bottle will have precisely the same amount of product in it, with no waste, spilling, or overflowing.  Liquid filling machines are necessary for bottling systems for a variety of products, including: 

  • Ink
  • Water, or other beverages like juice and wine (thin viscosity)
  • Lotions
  • Oil
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Cleaning products
  • Some food products
  • Glue

If you aren’t sure which machine will work best for your particular product, contact E-PAK Machinery today—we’ll be happy to give you more information about the machinery we sell.


Other Necessities for a Bottling System

Past the actual filling machines, you’ll need things like bottle cleaners, which work by neutralizing the charge inside a container, then vacuuming out the dust and debris that may have collected during storage. This machine helps prep the containers for being filled and ensures your products remain uncontaminated. After the bottles are cleaned, conveyors will take them to the liquid filling station, so you’ll need to make sure to install conveyors for each step of the system. Once filled, the containers will need to be capped and labeled, so you canl choose from one of E-PAK’s several options for capping machines as well as labeling machines.

For more information about any of the equipment offered by E-PAK Machinery, contact us today.