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E-PAK & National Candle Association

As a growing business dedicated to offering innovative, useful packaging equipment, E-PAK Machinery is proud to be an affiliate of the National Candle Association.

Founded in 1974, the National Candle Association has acted as the collective voice for the candle industry, representing manufacturers and their suppliers. In addition to promoting the safe enjoyment of candles, the NCA is dedicated to advancing the industry as a whole, pursuing quality formulations, product testing, technical advances in candle-making, and more.

Fostering Efficient Business Practices and Candle-Making Needs

At E-PAK Machinery, we are dedicated to providing a variety of industries with packaging machinery that serves their exact needs, and that includes companies that need innovative and proficient candle-making equipment. Our machines offer businesses reliable methods for increasing overall productivity and product output, and our services reflect our dedication to providing innovative product packaging solutions, whether a company needs an individual molten liquid filling machine, a complete inline packaging system for candles, or even portable options for their manufacturing facilities. 

We support the success of candle-making businesses as well as the goals of the NCA by providing not just machinery, but training and services for all of the equipment we sell. Our molten product systems are ideal for candle-making ventures, and include machines such as molten product fillers, wick inserters, portable molten fillers, and molten container handling machines such as cooling conveyers and pre-heat or re-melt stations.

About the National Candle Association

The National Candle Association is the major trade association representing U.S. candle manufacturers and suppliers, acting as the voice of the industry and promoting the safe use and enjoyment of candles. With that in mind, the NCA collaborates with affiliates such as E-PAK Machinery to create the high-quality products consumers seek and to maintain innovation in the candle-making industry. To learn more about the National Candle Association, including how to become a member and more, visit http://www.candles.org/.