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E-PAK & The Indiana Chamber of Commerce

As a growing business located in Indiana and deeply rooted in the local community,  E-PAK Machinery is proud to be a long-standing, active member working with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1922, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has worked together with the business community for the common goal of cultivating economic opportunity and prosperity for the people of Indiana. The Chamber features an emphasis on community development and economic growth through initiatives that attract and support local business. 

Filling Local Business and Community Needs

At E-PAK Machinery, our dedication to providing a variety of industries with innovative and efficient packaging machinery is directly in line with the Chamber’s views on improving economic futures in Indiana. We are committed to supporting business growth through offering methods of increasing productivity, efficiency, and output of goods and services.  Our services reflect that by offering companies innovative product packaging solutions that meet their particular needs, be it an individual replacement liquid filling machine or complete new inline packaging system for their manufacturing facilities.

We further support the economic sustainability of small businesses by providing training, parts and service for all of the equipment we manufacture as well as legacy equipment of the Equipment Express and the Electronic Liquid Fillers (ELF) organizations. Many of the former employees of these companies are now part of the E-PAK Machinery family, thereby retaining jobs within our local community and supporting businesses with the expertise of these hard-working employees.

About the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce focuses on government, state taxes, labor relations, governmental research, transportation, and working together with other organizations.  With that in mind, the Chamber collaborates with its affiliates such as E-PAK Machinery to fund studies, initiate actions, and seek solutions that positively impact Indiana’s economic future and enhance the quality of life for Indiana residents.  To learn more about the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, including member benefits and how you can get involved to better your local community, visit www.indianachamber.com.