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E-PAK & The Petroleum Packaging Council

As a business rooted in the manufacturing of packaging equipment and machines, E-PAK Machinery is proud to be an affiliate of the Petroleum Packaging Council.

The Petroleum Packaging Council is an association that provides both technical leadership and education to the petroleum packaging and blending industry, serving the needs and acting as a resource for petroleum packaging professionals. With an emphasis on building education both within and outside of the industry, the PPC is dedicated to continually improving its services to the community and industry. 

Providing Innovative Solutions for a Wealth of Industry Needs

At E-PAK Machinery, our focus is to provide a variety of industries, including the petroleum packaging industry, with the solutions and equipment they need to increase their productivity and output as well as boost overall efficiency within their industry. Our services reflect this by making high quality machines as well as providing support, training, and services for the equipment that handles the unique needs of petroleum based products. Many of our inline filling machines are designed for high- to low-viscosity liquids and engineered to handle the properties and effects of hazardous chemicals. We are committed to building what companies in the petroleum packaging industry need, be it single machines or complete inline packaging systems.

Our goal is to help maintain the economic sustainability of businesses within this and other industries as well, and we do so by offering high quality machines and related services. Whether a business needs liquid filling machines, cappers, labelers, or other machinery, we are prepared to supply it.

About the Petroleum Packaging Council

The Petroleum Packaging Council provides a forum where members can exchange valuable information about the industry and how to make it better. The PPC offers lectures, seminars, training courses, supplier trade shows, and more, and E-PAK Machinery is proud to be in collaboration with the Council. Together, a liaison is built between the industry’s participants and businesses as well as industry resources. To learn more about the Petroleum Packaging Council, including how to join, visit http://www.ppcouncil.org/.