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Automatic Snap Cap Machine for Cleaning Wipes

When you’re choosing a capping machine for your packaging line, you have a few different options at E-PAK Machinery. We are proud to offer packaging machinery for a variety of industries, including the cleaning product industry, and one such machine that is commonly used is a snap capper. Automatic snap cap machines are often used for cleaning wipe containers, as they form a tight seal that ensures the wipes will not dry out before you use them all. When you need solutions for your packaging line, E-PAK has you covered. 

Choice of Capping Machinery

At E-PAK, we not only offer the highly efficient snap cappers, but also a few other options for placing and tightening caps onto containers. If you’re looking for a machine that will place tight-fitting plugs into your container—think wine bottles or some vinegars—you may want to consider the vertical wheel plugger. There are also two types of machines that twist caps onto the container—the chuck capper and the spindle capper. At E-PAK, we want to help you automate the entire packaging process, so we also offer accessory machines such as cap elevators and cap sorters, which orient and stock the capping machine with caps that are ready to be placed.


Additional Packaging Equipment

When you’re building a packaging line, you obviously need more than just a capping machine.  At E-PAK Machinery, we offer the full line of machinery that you need to complete your production, including bottle cleaners to remove dust and debris from containers prior to filling, ensuring contaminant-free containers. We also have a variety of liquid filling machines, each suited best for different types of liquids, and conveyors to bring the containers from station to station. After your containers go through a capping machine, they can then go onto a labeling station, where a labeler will attach stickers so your clients or customers know what is in the package.


Find out more about any of our packaging equipment today—contact E-PAK anytime; we’re happy to answer any of your questions.