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Three-Station Spindle Cappers for Faster Packaging

If you’ve been looking for a way to ensure your packaging line is working as hard as it can, check out what a three-station spindle capper can do for you. Spindle cappers work by bringing a container from its place at a liquid filling machine, then holding it in a station while a cap is spun and tightened onto the container. The process is quick and easy, and is much more convenient than capping contained by hand—not to mention it saves time.

How Do Spindle Cappers Work?

Spindle cappers work by holding the container still while spinning a cap onto it. This machine is compatible with a wide range of different cap sizes, and can even be used in conjunction with other machines such as a cap sorting elevator, for ultimate efficiency. They work by using spindles to tighten the cap onto a container, which ensures that the product is safely and securely packaged into its container.

What Sort of Industries Use These Machines?

One of the biggest benefits of spindle cappers in addition to saving time for the people who use them, is that they are very versatile. They are designed to be compatible with a large amount of different size caps. A range of different industries, therefore, can use these capper machines, from the food industry to the automotive industry, and nearly everything in between.

How Can You Implement a Spindle Capper in Your Line?

Thankfully, installing a spindle capper in your line is relatively easy. You just have to locate the step at which capping the container is necessary—after the container is filled, of course—and then install the machine there. With this setup, the containers will first go to a bottle cleaner, then the liquid filling machine, then the spindle capper, and then they will be ready to be packed up and shipped off.

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