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Two-Head Inline Chuck Capping Machines

Chuck capper machines from E-PAK Machinery efficiently place caps from a chute onto your product’s containers. This machine is designed to maximize your output by way of capping two containers at once, which can increase your overall output. At E-PAK Machinery, our goal is to provide businesses in a number of industries with the packaging machines they need to be optimally productive.


Why Use Chuck Cappers?

Chuck cappers maximize the speed of your packaging line by maintaining a constant torque on the caps. This enables not only quick set up, but also a consistent flow of the containers through the packaging line. Having the capability of capping two containers at the same time before sending them to their next stop means you’ll be able to prepare more product for shipping out in less time. These capping machines are capable of working with 10mm to 115mm caps, so you’ll have no trouble with compatibility.


Integrating Machinery

At E-PAK Machinery, one of the benefits our equipment offers companies is the ability to integrate new machines into existing packaging lines. Our machines are fully functional with inline equipment, which is helpful for having very little downtime when you need to add more machines to your line. For more information about chuck cappers or any of our other machines, contact us today.