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Elevator Cap Sorting Machine for Bottling

If you need a way to optimize your liquid packaging line, choosing the best capping machines and accessory capping machines can help. When you’re still manually capping or sorting the caps for the bottles, you’re not only losing plenty of time due to inefficiency, but you’re not making the most product you can, which can lead to lower profits. Instead of suffering, check out E-PAK Machinery’s options for capping equipment.

Why Use an Elevator Cap Sorting Machine?

Cap sorting elevators allow the caps to be prepared before they’re sent to the capping machines, so that no time is wasted. No empty hoppers and no caps that are oriented the incorrect way means your containers will be sealed securely quicker, increasing the amount of containers you can package each day. Cap sorting elevators qualifies good caps and meters them up the belt, or sends them back to the hopper to be re-qualified if they need to rotate. The machine is automatically activated when the amount of caps left in the chute is low, so you’ll never run out of caps for your machine. The elevator can accommodate cap sizes from 10mm to 110mm, so whatever size container you’re filling, you won’t have trouble capping.

Inline Packaging Equipment from E-PAK

E-PAK doesn’t just offer capping accessory equipment, though—whatever you need to complete you production line, you’ll find it in our inventory. To start, we offer bottle cleaners, which prepare the containers for being filled and remove all contaminants. From there, we offer an array of liquid filling machines, including:

  • Molten and portable molten liquid fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Pump fillers
  • Piston fillers
  • Pressure fillers
  • Overflow fillers
  • Gravity fillers

Depending on what sort of liquid you are packaging, one of these machines may be a better choice than another. Then, the capping machines—you can choose from chuck cappers, spindle cappers, snap cappers, and vertical wheel pluggers. Finally, you’ll need a labeling machine, and of course, conveyors to bring the containers from one machine to the next.

No matter what you need to get your packaging line to work its best, you’ll find it in E-PAK’s inventory. For more information on elevator cap sorting machines or any of our other equipment, contact us today.