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Snap Capper Bottle Capper for Cleaning Wipes

At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of packaging machinery to ensure that their production lines operate efficiently.  We serve a number of different industries, and we supply the equipment that ensures your products will end up packaged securely, ready to be shipped off to their next destination. After your product is filled into containers, you need to seal the containers, and you have a few different choices of machine for that at E-PAK.

Snap Cappers and Other Capping Machinery

One of the machines commonly used to seal containers is the snap capper. As you might imagine, snap cappers work to seal containers by affixing a snap-on cap to each unit. These are often ideal for things like cleaning wipes, as the cap can be taken off very easily if more product is needed. Other capping machinery offered includes chuck cappers and spindle cappers, as well as a vertical plugging machine, which is often used for products like wine.


Packaging Equipment for Many Products

We’re pleased to be able to offer complete packaging line equipment to all of our customers. Whether you are just replacing one or two machines, you want to add a different liquid filling machine for a new product, or you’re building a complete line from scratch, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We sell bottle cleaners to help prepare your containers before you put your product in them, and we have a variety of liquid filling machines, some better suited for certain products than others. We also offer the aforementioned capping machines, as well as labelers. And of course, since the containers need to move from one machine to the next, we supply several types of conveyors, including cooling conveyors, which are used with molten products as they help the product cool down more quickly.


Find out more about snap cappers and all of our other packaging machinery today by contacting us—we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the equipment.