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Three-Station Spindle Capping Machine for Bottles

When you’re in the business of packaging products into containers, you know that putting lids onto the containers by hand can be a time consuming, tedious task. Thankfully, there are a number of different capping machines that streamline the process, which saves you time and frustration. One such machine is the 3-station spindle capper machine from E-PAK Machinery. Spindle capper machines work by bringing a filled container to a station on the machine, then spinning a cap tightly onto the container to seal it. Having three stations on this particular machine means that instead of settling for just one cap affixed at a time, three can be—in turn, more overall product can be packaged and ready to go sooner.

How Do Spindle Cappers Work?

Spindle cappers work as the core of an automated capping system, wherein they can be integrated with accessory machines like vibratory or centrifugal sorting bowls, or with the elevator-style cap orienter. The capper machine itself provides a highly versatile solution for applying and tightening threaded caps, as it can be used with a wide range of sizes of caps. Many businesses use these machines on their own at first, but later upgrade to a fully automatic system.

Other Capping Machines Available

If you’re interested in knowing about other types of capping machines, you’ll be glad to learn that E-PAK Machinery offers chuck cappers and snap cappers, plus wheel plugger machines, so that you can have your top choice when it comes to picking the best capping method for your product. Depending on the product you’re packaging as well as the equipment you already have, one of these machines may be a better choice than the others. Contact us today to learn more about these capping machines, or any of our other packaging equipment, such as liquid filling machines.