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3-Station Spindle Capping Machine for Bottling

When you need a secure way to close containers on your packaging line once they have been filled with liquids, you have a few different options to choose from with E-PAK Machinery. One such choice is the 3-station spindle capper. This machine works by bringing three containers through a line of three spinning parts that tighten caps onto the containers. The finished result is securely closed bottles or jugs that are ready to be shipped to their next destination.


Capping Machines from E-PAK Machinery 

Spindle cappers are just one of the available capping machines offered by E-PAK Machinery. They are ideal for a number of different products, but there are other machines you can choose from also. For example, there are chuck cappers, which work similarly to spindle cappers, however instead of keeping the containers stationary and having moving parts in the machine, the bottles themselves are spun, which tightens the caps to them. Snap cappers are also available, and are used on containers where the lids are pressed on rather than spun on. Finally, there are vertical wheel pluggers, which work with products like wine, in that they press a plug into the bottle, which seals it shut. Accessory machines, such as cap sorters, cap elevators, and cap pre-feeders are also available from E-PAK to truly streamline your packaging line. Check out our full line of bottle capping machines and inline systems


Other Line Machines Available

When building an effective, fast packaging line, shopping with E-PAK is the right way to go. We offer a number of different piece of equipment, including a variety of liquid filling machines—you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one for your specific product, whether it is thin, heavily viscous, foamy, or otherwise. We also offer machinery for molten products, including portable molten liquid fillers, cooling conveyers, and more. You can also choose labeler machines from our inventory, ensuring that your product will be securely packaged and ready to ship.

For more information about any of the machines E-PAK Machinery offers, visit https://www.epakmachinery.com/.