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Cap Sorting Elevators for Packaging Line Efficiency

When you’re tired of placing caps on containers manually, there are a few options you have for doing so. One of those options is installing a cap sorting elevator. Cap sorting elevators are highly versatile machines, as they can accommodate caps from 10mm to 110mm. They are perfect for cutting down the time necessary to package a product, and they can help your business package more product overall.

How Do They Work?

Cap sorting elevators work by holding caps in a hopper. When activated, the cap sorting elevator shakes the caps into its grates, carrying ones that are correctly oriented to the next spot in the packaging line. Caps that are not positioned currently for placement on a container are sent back to the hopper, where they are shaken around until they right themselves for placement. Then, they are carried to the capping machine where they will be used to securely cap a container.

How Can You Integrate One Into Your Line?

Integrating a cap sorting elevator into your packaging line is easy. The modular design of the equipment offered by E-PAK makes it simple to add more machinery when you need it. You can implement it to work and feed the caps to the capping machine. Then, when the containers come through the line, the capping machine will be prepared. Once the set of caps is used, the next batch from the elevator can feed to the capper machine.

If you have any questions about whether your container would be compatible with a cap sorting elevator or how you can implement this machine into your line, contact E-PAK at any time.