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Cap Sorter Elevator

When you’re looking for effective ways to streamline and optimize your packaging line, using a cap sorting elevator is one way to do so. Cap sorters automate the process of finding and flipping caps so that they may be placed onto containers, saving your employees time and ensuring each cap is used correctly. A cap sorting elevator helps your line work more efficiently by quickening the rate at which viable caps are made ready for use. Learn more about how a cap sorting elevator can help your packaging line work better for your business.

Can a Cap Sorting Elevator Work In Your Line?

Cap sorting elevators from E-PAK Machinery are compatible with caps from 10mm to 110mm, allowing for a wide range of different caps to be used. Because of the wide range that’s compatible, many different products can be packaged with the help of a cap sorting elevator. The E-PAK cap sorting elevator provides a convenient way to sort as well as store a bulk amount of caps in one machine, and depending on your needs, your specific machine can be designed with a variety of hopper sizes, belt styles, and elevator heights that will meet an array of different requirements within your line.

What Machines Does it Work With?

The cap sorting elevator is compatible with a number of different machines, and is effortlessly integrated into any packaging line. For instance, capping machines can place the lids onto the containers they are meant to seal, and once those containers are sealed, they can be brought to their next station via a conveyer.

If you have any questions about this cap sorting elevator, contact E-PAK Machinery at any time. We’re happy to help all of our clients decide what packaging machinery is the best and most helpful for their particular needs.