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Snap Capping Equipment for Liquid Bottling

When you’re looking for a reliable and convenient way to attach caps to your containers once they’ve been filled, you have a number of options to choose from at E-PAK Machinery. One such machine you can choose to use in your packaging line is a snap capper. Capping machines offer different capabilities, and if you aren’t interested in using twist-on lids, snap cappers are an alternative to plugs.

How Do Snap Cappers Work?

Snap cappers are an important part of many packaging lines, as they seal product into a container after the liquid filling machines do their job. The containers come through to the capping machine via a conveyor belt, where the appropriate gripping belts then guide the container securely into place, then a press-down belt snaps the caps into place. After the lid is pressed into place, the container can then go to the next step, whether that is a labeling machine or being packed into a box for shipping.

Other Choices for Your Packaging Line

If you’ve chosen to use a snap capper, you can add other machines to the packaging line to fully streamline the capping process. Orienting the caps so they are ready to be placed on the containers once the containers are in place is an important step, and though it can be done by hand, it’s far more convenient and time-saving to use cap sorters, like a cap sorting elevator, a cap pre-feeder, or a vibratory cap sorter. When you want to expedite your packaging process, automating as much of the process is the way to do so. You’ll love the convenience that comes from using E-PAK Machinery’s quality inline bottle capping equipment.