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Bottle Capping Bulk Cap Elevator with Chute

When you’re trying to increase the efficiency of your packaging line, the bulk cap elevator from E-PAK Machinery can save you the time it takes to place caps on containers manually. Cap elevators are used to unscramble caps so that they can be placed on containers more quickly, and are designed to feed a variety of flat caps from 10mm to 110mm. The cap elevator takes your caps from one station to the next stop on your packaging line.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Cap Elevators?

Saving time is a big benefit of using a cap elevator. These machines help sort your containers’ caps so that you don’t have to do it by hand. Additionally, they make it easier to move caps from one station to the next—they pull caps from a hopper, then send them down a chute to a capping machine (or wherever you choose to send them—perhaps onto a conveyer), where they will eventually be matched up with the containers they are meant to seal. Cap elevators remove one of the steps necessary to get your caps to a capper machine such as a chuck capper, snap capper or spindle capper.

Packaging Equipment from E-PAK Machinery

E-PAK Machinery is a proud supplier of exceptional packaging machinery. We offer products that assist your business in packaging your products from start to finish, from conveyers, to liquid filling machines, cappers and more. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, and that’s why we offer follow-up support, including maintenance and training, so that you can get the most out of your machines. Our machines are easily integrated into existing packaging lines, but you can also furnish your entire packaging line with our equipment. To find out more about our machines, contact E-PAK Machinery today.