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Three-Station Spindle Capper Machine

When you’re looking for a way to automate the capping step in your packaging line, consider using a 3-station spindle capper. Spindle cappers are just one of the capping machine options you’ll have to choose from when you work with us. These machines offer a versatile solution for quickly and securely applying caps to a range of different containers.

How Do Spindle Cappers Work?

Spindle cappers work by bringing the container through the machine, stopping it at a capping station, then spinning and tightening the cap onto the container. They are compatible with a large range of different sized caps, and many of our customers use them as a tightener for hand-placed or trigger-style caps. Using a machine instead of doing this step manually can save you a lot of time and frustration, as it can facilitate the process and speed up the time it takes to get your product fully packaged.

How Can You Integrate This Capper into Your Line?

Thankfully, the modular design of this spindle capper makes it easy to integrate it into your existing packaging line. When you buy a spindle capper, you’ll just have to implement it into the natural process of when bottles would get to it—for instance, the conveyer would bring the filled bottles from a liquid filling machine to the spindle capper. From there, it could move through the line further to its endpoint—being boxed up for shipping.

Learn more about how easy it is to integrate a spindle capper into your inline packaging system when you shop with E-PAK. We offer a variety of different machines so you’ll have no trouble building the exact setup you want.