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Snap Capping Machine for Bottling Lines

When you’re building a packaging line for your products, one thing that it’s important not to forget about is capping machinery. Capping machinery ensures that your product is securely sealed and not in danger of leaking or being contaminated. One such machine that completes this job is a snap capping machine. At E-PAK Machinery, we are proud to provide industries with a range of different packaging machinery solutions, including a variety of cappers.


How Do They Work?

Snap cappers work by using gripping belts to hold a container in place, and then a press down belt snaps the caps into place. These types of caps can be used on a number of different types of containers, and are often used for things like beverages, cleaning products, and more. Conveyor belts move the filled containers from the position of being filled at a liquid filling machine to the capping machine position, at which point they are sealed shut. Snap cappers can be used in conjunction with cap sorters and cap sorting elevators to ensure that the caps are positioned correctly before being placed onto the container.

What Other Capping Machines Exist?

If you are not sure that a snap capper is best for your product or container, you have the option to choose from a few other ways of sealing your containers. One of the machines is a chuck capper, which works by spinning a cap onto a stationary container. A spindle capper also works by spinning, but rather the containers go through a belt that spins the container itself while the cap tightens that way. Finally, there are pluggers, which work by inserting a plug into a container, like how wine corks are placed.  Depending on what your product is, one of these machines may be a better choice than the others. For help deciding, or for more information about any of these machines, contact E-PAK Machinery today.