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Cap Sorting Elevator for Product Packaging Lines

When you’ve already figured out the other components of your packaging line, such as which liquid filling machine you should use, and what length of conveyors you need, you may want to consider adding a cap sorting elevator to further automate the packaging process. Capping machines are ideal for ensuring lids are secure on a container, but it’s also important to make sure that each cap is properly positioned before the machine attempts to put it on the container. If it’s flipped the wrong way, it won’t be able to be fitted onto the container and you will have to manually fix the issue—a time-consuming task.


Convenience and Speed

Cap sorting elevators from E-PAK Machinery are designed to work with a variety of flat caps ranging from 10mm to 110mm, so they can accommodate many different lids. The machine is available with a variety of hopper sizes, belt styles and elevator heights, so no matter what your packaging line requires for optimal functionality and efficiency, you’ll be able to find a cap sorting elevator that suits your business. The machine helps reduce labor costs, since it improves the productivity of your packaging line and ensures that caps are placed more quickly and accurately.

Other Machinery from E-PAK

E-PAK Machinery is proud to offer a range of different products that suit many needs. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to package liquid products into containers, you will find the machinery you need in our inventory, from conveyors to bottle cleaners, liquid filling machines to cappers and labelers. We serve industries including the cosmetic industry, cleaning products, food and beverage, and many more. 

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