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Two-Head Inline Chuck Capper Machines

Capping machines from E-PAK Machinery can help expedite your packaging process by way of ensuring that all containers you are filling with product are fitted with the proper cap quickly. At E-PAK, we are proud to offer our clients across a range of different industries the solutions they need for efficient packing lines.

2-Head Cappers

With two-head inline chuck cappers, your packaging line will be able to tightly secure caps onto two containers at once before sending the product down the line. The cap feed chute has a range of adjustments that you can make as well, so that a perfect fit for the cap is achieved. Our capper machines are capable of handling a range of different sized caps, from 10mm to 115mm, so you’ll have no problem using our machines for your product.


Fully Compatible Packaging Line Machines

One of the benefits of using E-PAK Machinery equipment is that all of our machines can be seamlessly integrated into your packaging line. Whether you’re looking to add more productivity by way of capping bottles more quickly, you want a conveyer that moved product down the line at a faster rate, or you need other machines like labelers or liquid filling machines, contact us today.