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Cap Sorting Elevators for Quicker Capping

When you run a packaging line, you obviously want to streamline the process in order to save yourself as much time and money as possible. One way you can help do that is by installing a cap sorting elevator into your line. This machine from E-PAK is compatible with a wide range of caps, from 10mm to 110mm, making it the ideal choice for not only storing caps until they are needed, but for ensuring the caps are ready to be placed onto containers accurately.


How Can a Cap Sorting Elevator Help You?

If you’re used to manually capping your product, you know that simply grabbing a cap and flipping it so that it will go onto the container correctly can eat up a few seconds of your time. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of containers each day, and you can see how it might not be the most efficient process. That’s why a cap sorting elevator is an ideal solution for saving a lot of time. Cap sorters not only store unused caps until you’re ready for them, but they also have the ability to configure the caps for proper, accurate placement from cappers when needed.

What Industries Use Cap Sorting Elevators?

Because cap sorting elevators are compatible with a range of different-sized caps, they’re able to be used in a number of different industries, from the automotive industry, to the pharmaceutical industry, and virtually everything in between. No matter what type of product you’re packaging, you may be able to use a cap sorting elevator. If you have any questions about whether or not a cap sorting elevator would be a good addition to your packaging line, we at E-PAK are happy to answer to any of your concerns.