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Three-Spindle Capping Machine for Product Bottling

At E-PAK Machinery, one of our goals is to provide businesses with solutions that make their job easier. One of the ways we do that is by offering a variety of options for automatic capping. Our three-station spindle capper machine provides a way to tightly secure caps to containers quickly and efficiently. Many of our customers use spindle capper machines in conjunction with centrifugal or vibratory sorting bowls or cap elevators, both of which help expedite the capping process.

Types of Capping Machines

Capping containers by hand is a tedious process that can be time consuming and inconsistent, so it’s not surprising that many businesses turn to machinery to get the job done a bit more easily. Spindle cappers who by spinning a cap tightly onto a container, but there are a couple of other choices for the process. Other capping machines E-PAK offers include wheel pluggers, which secure plugs into certain bottles and containers, snap cappers, which snap the caps onto containers, and chuck cappers, which send the containers through a line of spinning heads that securely tighten a placed cap. There are other accessory machines that are used with capping machines—for instance, conveyers are needed to bring the container to the capping machine and away to the next station in the process, cap sorting elevators or sorting bowls are necessary for ensuring the caps are correctly oriented before being placed on the containers, etc.

What Else Does E-PAK Offer?

In addition to offering machinery that speeds up the capping process, E-PAK also stocks machinery that encompasses the rest of the packaging process. For example, liquid filling machines and molten product fillers are offered, as well as conveyers and cooling conveyers, labelers and more. For more information about any of the machinery E-PAK Machinery offers, contact us today.