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Soap Filling Machines

Soap is among the many thicker liquid products that E-PAK Machinery's packaging and filling equipment is designed to handle. We offer high-quality soap filling equipment for many different types of soap products, including soaps intended for industrial and personal use. We have plenty of customizable machines that you can integrate in your production line to maximize efficiency.


Install a Complete System of Soap Filling Equipment

Soap is often highly viscous, requiring the use of soap filling machines that are designed to fill thicker liquids. E-PAK Machinery carries this equipment along with other types of liquid packaging machines to improve the efficiency of filling and packaging. Depending on your product and its specific filling and packaging needs, we can assist with the selection of the most suitable equipment for your facility.

After your soap product passes through the filling process, you can integrate a system of other liquid packaging machinery to complete the packaging process. Capping equipment can apply custom-fitting caps to containers of many shapes and sizes. Labelers can attach labels with custom images and text on containers to display product information and branding. Conveyor systems can carry soap products from one end of the production line to the other at custom speeds to maintain efficiency.

Design a Customized Production Line

Our full selection of available liquid packaging equipment is entirely customizable, with custom sizes and programmable settings available to meet the needs of your specific application. Our team of experienced experts can help you determine which combination of soap filling equipment and other machines will work best in your facility. We have the machinery to make sure your production line gives you the results you want.

If you would like to get started with the design of a complete liquid packaging system for soap or other thicker liquid products, contact E-PAK Machinery to speak with an industry expert today. To help ensure you get the most out of your newly purchased soap filling machines and other liquid packaging equipment, we offer several services for production lines including installation, operator training, field service, leasing, high-speed cameras, and performance improvement. A combination of our products and services can give your facility the stability it needs to maximize profitability.