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Epoxy Filling Equipment

Like other thicker industrial liquids, epoxy requires heavy-duty liquid filling equipment. E-PAK Machinery carries plenty of epoxy filling machines to help ensure your production line is capable of giving you the results you want in your application. We'll help you select the right machinery for your facility, and provide other services to further enhance your production line.


Install a Complete Epoxy Filling Machine System

Epoxy is one of the more viscous industrial liquids that E-PAK Machinery is designed to handle. We offer a wide range of filling equipment to meet your application's needs, with a selection of gravity fillers, piston fillers, pump fillers, pressure fillers, and others that can help maximize your production line's longevity and effectiveness. You can easily combine epoxy filling equipment with other liquid packaging machines that we carry to form a complete packaging system.

To complete the liquid packaging process, cappers can fit containers with caps of different sizes and shapes to form an airtight seal that prevents epoxy from reacting to the air, and labelers can apply clear, Mylar, or paper labels to containers with custom brands and text. Conveyor equipment can transport containers throughout the packaging process, with different speed settings available. A combination of this equipment can provide years of efficiency in your production line.

Design a Complete Custom Production Line

Like other applications, you can design a complete custom system of epoxy filling machines along with other liquid packaging equipment with the help of E-PAK Machinery. Our experts can work with you to select the right sizes and shapes of packaging equipment configurations to give your facility the most effective production line possible. Even facilities with tighter spaces can utilize a complete packaging system that provides top-quality packaging performance.

If you would like to get started with the implementation of new epoxy filling equipment and other liquid packaging machinery, contact E-PAK Machinery to consult an expert today. Along with equipment selection and installation, we also offer a host of services including field service with 24/7 technical support, leasing, and high-speed camera services that can assist with operator training and performance improvement.