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Air Freshener Filling Machines

For reliable air freshener packaging machines, choose E-PAK Machinery for a variety of equipment that can fill this and many other liquids. We offer models of liquid fillers, capping machines, labelers, and conveyors. Each of our machines can help improve the efficiency of your air freshener packaging line and increase productivity.


Install a Complete Air Freshener Filling System

The equipment in our inventory is designed to handle a wide range of substances, with different levels of viscosity. Air freshener is one of the less viscous substances that our filling equipment is capable of handling. We also offer a selection of other types of packaging machines that can further improve the performance of your production line.

Once the air freshener product has gone through the filling process, capping machines can apply custom caps to each container, effectively making them leak-proof. You can use our labelers to attach top-quality custom designed labels that display the company logo and product information. Our conveyors carefully and efficiently transfer products between stations, keeping the production line moving while preventing damage to the product.

Implement a Customized Production Line

You can easily customize liquid packaging machine configurations to meet the specific needs of your air freshener production line. Choose from multiple size and shape options to form a configuration that best suits your facility. If you would like help with designing your packaging line configuration, you can consult our experts to determine which machinery is ideal for your application. Using a custom layout of liquid packaging equipment, your production line will benefit from added efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Contact E-PAK Machinery today for assistance with the design and installation of your air freshener liquid filling equipment. We will help ensure that your production line gives you the long-term results you want, with equipment that provides years of consistent service. Apart from offering liquid filling and other packaging equipment, we also have several services available to help further improve your production line. We offer field service, high- speed camera service for operator training and performance improvement purposes, equipment installation, and leasing. The combination of our equipment and services can help maximize productivity and keep expenses low.