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Candle Filling Machines

Candle products require equipment that can handle molten products during the filling process. E-PAK Machinery has molten candle filling machines that are designed specifically for hot-filled products including various types of candles and other molten products such as lip balm, petroleum jelly, and deodorants. We also offer other types of liquid packaging equipment to complete your production line and improve the overall efficiency of your facility.


Implement a Complete System of Candle Filling Equipment

During the filling process, candle wax is melted and placed in custom containers. To facilitate these products throughout filling, molten candle filling machines are needed to successfully fill them. E-PAK Machinery carries a variety of molten product fillers, including container stationary and portable systems. These machines are intended for candle products along with other molten liquids.

We also offer molten container handling equipment and wick inserters to complete the filling process with consistent quality and efficiency. Our equipment can ensure that the molten filling process gives you the best possible results.

Custom Liquid Packaging Systems from Filling to Shipping

To fully optimize your packaging assembly, we offer multiple types of liquid packaging machinery along with candle filling equipment. Our inventory includes a variety of molten container handling machines, labelers and conveyors to keep the packaging process consistent until the product is ready for shipping.

Molten cooling conveyors are specifically intended for handling of products filled at higher temperatures. They transport containers delicately at a slower pace to ease the cooling process and prevent spillage. Pre-heat and re-melt stations are used along with cooling conveyors to provide candle products with a professional appearance, and transfer stations can load and unload cooling conveyors to keep transportation smooth at all times. Our wick inserters make sure that wicks are properly placed within candle products. Finally, our labeling machines can apply labels to candle containers, with colorful images and branding.

Consult E-PAK Machinery for Design and Installation Assistance

If you need assistance with machine selection and the overall design of your candle packaging assembly, E-PAK Machinery offers these services along with installation. Our team can travel to nearly any facility in the U.S. and install a complete system of candle filling machines and more.

We provide a host of other services to keep your production line in prime condition. Our services include leasing, high-speed camera services, and field service. Each of these services can help you get the most out of your facility, maximizing your equipment’s efficiency and employee productivity.

If you would like to get started on the implementation of a complete candle packaging system today, contact E-PAK Machinery. We can work with you to install a complete configuration that is capable of giving you the best possible results.