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Paste Filling Machinery

For paste filling applications, liquid filling machinery that can handle highly viscous substances is required. E-PAK Machinery carries various types of liquid fillers, cappers, conveyors, and labelers that are intended for liquids of low to high viscosity. Our equipment can successfully full pastes and other types of thick nonfood or food products. Depending on the type of paste product your facility manufactures and packages, we can help you select the right paste filling machinery to serve your facility for years.


Install a Complete Paste Filling Equipment System

Paste is one of the many products our liquid filling machines are designed to handle. We also carry many other types of equipment that can improve the efficiency of your production line and increase productivity. We can help you choose machinery based on the viscosity of your paste product.

Following completion of the liquid filling process, cappers can apply different types of caps to packages, forming an airtight and liquid-tight seal that prevents contamination and leakage. Labelers can apply high-quality custom-printed labels to paste jars and other types of containers.A system of conveyors keeps the entire liquid packaging process efficient, carrying containers between stations with consistent efficiency. This combination of equipment can form a paste filling line that provides years of reliable operation.

Incorporate a Custom-Built Production Line

The selection of liquid packaging machinery in our inventory allows customers to design customized systems. Choose from a range of sizes and setups of paste filling to meet space requirements and other needs. Our experts can help you determine which equipment will best suit your facility before assisting with production line design and implementation. A custom-designed liquid filling machine configuration can give your facility the solution it needs to help boost productivity and minimize breakdowns.

To get started with the design and installation of custom paste filling equipment, speak with one of the experts at E-PAK Machinery today for assistance. Based on your specifications and individual facility space requirements, we'll help you select the paste filling machinery that can most successfully optimize the filling process. Additional services we offer can further help your facility last for years, including operator training, field service, high-speed camera services, installation, leasing, and mechanical performance improvement. With our state-of-the-art liquid filling systems installed in your facility, you can benefit from a cost-effective production line that provides top-quality results.