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Gel Filling Machines

Gel is among the more viscous liquids that E-PAK Machinery's filling and packaging equipment can handle. We offer top-quality gel filling equipment for a variety of gel products. We offer many different customizable options that you can integrate in your production line to maximize productivity and efficiency, giving your facility what it needs to fulfill a large volume of orders with consistent effectiveness.


Install a Customized System of Gel Filling Equipment

Gel is highly viscous, meaning that it requires the use of gel filling machines that are intended for this type of liquid. E-PAK Machinery carries this machinery along with several other types of liquid packaging machines to make filling and packaging more efficient. Based on your product type and its specific filling and packaging requirements, we can help with equipment selection, setup, and installation.


After your gel product passes through the filling process, a system of other liquid packaging equipment can complete the rest of the packaging process to prepare products for shipping. Cappers can fit many types of containers with custom-sized and -shaped caps. Labelers can print and place labels with custom branding, images, and text on containers. To efficiently transport products from one end of the production line to the other, conveyor systems are available with custom speed settings to maintain efficiency. 

Design a Complete Production Line for Your Facility

Our full selection of available machinery is customizable to meet your application's specific needs, with many sizes and programmable settings available. Our team of knowledgeable experts can help you decide on the right combination of gel filling machinery and other types of equipment that will give you the best results from your production line. We have the equipment to ensure that your facility is as profitable as it can be. 

To get started with the design and implementation of a complete liquid packaging system for gel or other viscous liquid products, contact E-PAK Machinery to speak with an expert immediately. In addition to gel filling machines and other products, we offer numerous services to improve productions lines, including installation, field services, leasing, high-speed cameras, field service, and performance improvement. Using a combination of our products and services can give your production line what it needs to last for many years with consistent efficiency and effectiveness.